Attention, all PHED100 registrants for spring 2007

Attention, all PHED100 registrants for spring 2007

With registration underway, those who have not yet taken PHED 100 will find a new format for registering for this course. This year you will be able to register individually for one of the activity options in the course: aerobic dance; strength training; super circuit; or run, walk, jog. Each class has the same health components, but the fitness regimen varies by activity. The descriptions of each of the activities is listed below and is on the Health and Human Performance Web site.

Also, be sure to look at the schedule carefully – the classes run for only half a semester and there are two seven-week sessions in the spring. Register for the activity and the session that best suits your schedule.

The PHED 100 class is designed to assist you in the development of a fitness regimen that you can sustain after the class ends, and to provide you with information on health, nutrition and lifestyle choices. It is a valuable course that can have an impact on lifelong health and fitness practices – and it’s fun – so don’t put it off!

Call the Health and Human Performance Department, (651) 962-5970), for more information.

Aerobic Dance
This course is a low-impact, step aerobic dance class. The primary focus is on cardio and respiratory endurance activity. This course also focuses on the development of individual physical fitness through aerobic and muscle conditioning exercises. Components of instruction will be exercise physiology, nutrition, muscle conditioning and cardiovascular conditioning. The class consists of 20 minutes of cardio workout conditioning, 10 to 25 minutes of muscle conditioning, and 15 minutes of lecture.

Strength Training
In Strength Training, students will learn how to properly perform a variety of strength training exercises using “free weight” as the modality. Class sessions will consist of a combination of physical activity (strength training), exercise demonstration and discussion. Discussions will focus on fitness principles, including strength training, cardiovascular training, flexibility, weight management, stress management, disease prevention and basic nutrition and other health and wellness concepts.

Run, Walk, Jog
Run, Walk, Jog is the most common form of exercise for the general public wanting to control weight and improve cardiovascular fitness. Students initially perform a one-mile run for time. Their subsequent training schedule is based on performance in this test. All participants start at one mile unless they have been previously training, in which case these students set their own goals. Each week students are asked to increase their distance 10 to 15 percent and set a goal time accordingly. A mile run re-test is optional the last week of class.

Super Circuit
Super Circuit is a combination of aerobic and strength training, done by rotating between various strength machines and machines designed for aerobic fitness. Done to music, exercises are done for 45 seconds with 15-second rest intervals, alternating between aerobic and strength machines, while moving through a progression of different strength exercises. The exercise is rigorous but fun.