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Confessions of a One-time St. Patrick’s Day Grouch

Editor's note: Jim Rogers, director of the Center for Irish Studies at St. Thomas, submitted this guest column to The Scroll. Not that long ago, I wore black on March 17. Not that long ago, I was very arch ab...
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It’s March Madness – and Sweet Sixteen – Time!

How do I know when spring is nearing? It’s March Madness time!During the long, cold winters living in North Dakota and Minnesota, basketball carried me through! From my old playing days at the University of...
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St. Thomas Day Winners Leave one Inspired

Go to enough award ceremonies and you can get pretty blasé about the awards and the people who get them. I have a good reason to be jaundiced, given my background in broadcast news, where the local Emmys have a...
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If You Only Had Six Words

If someone asked you to develop a six-word statement of your identity – a half-dozen words capturing your entire life story - what would those six words be? Six words: No more, no less.Inspired by bestselli...
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Defining Ourselves can be Tricky at Times

Who are you, anyway?Some of us have well-defined roles in our professional lives. Some of us overlap categories. In any case, we define ourselves at work in many ways.Sometimes our sense of self is so c...
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Flower bed Caretaker is our True Harbinger of Spring

Somewhere in the middle of the rain storm last week. I got to thinking that maybe spring isn’t far away. The thought of people unbundling, ice melting and robins returning made me almost giddy.But I know wh...
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Love: Not a Spectator Sport

One of my favorite concepts to teach in the Family Communication course is how, in our families and intimate relationships, we need to understand each other’s “relational currencies." Relational currencies are ...
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A Final Journey With Cardinal Laghi

Any beginning student of the Italian language would have difficulty with the name Cardinal Pio Laghi. It is, after all, a singular Christian name, Pio (Pius), appearing to describe a plural noun, Laghi (lakes)....
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A Jolt of Pride, Satisfaction and Gratitude

Do you ever have those stretches of time when you are moving so fast – running to meetings, keeping up with email and voice-mail, handling the latest emergency – that you don’t sit down long enough to think abo...
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January Term not so Quiet After all, and That’s OK

Quiet . . . a cold January morning, 20 degrees below zero. Trudging through the snow to campus, everything seems different. It’s quiet, there are very few students milling around and I can finally find a close ...
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Purple Pride and Being No. 1

Editor's note: Doug Hennes, vice president for university and government relations, submitted a guest column to The Scroll. For weeks, as the St. Thomas men’s basketball team’s undefeated record grew, I blabbe...
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He’s Proud of his Heritage . . . Again

Watching the inauguration of President Barack Obama Tuesday in Scooter’s – packed with students, staff and faculty – I couldn’t help recalling my experience 48 years ago in Madison, Wis., when John F. Kennedy s...
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She’s Obsessed With “Streamlining”

Streamlining: “To construct or design in a form that offers the least resistance; to improve the efficiency of; to organize; to simplify; to improve something by removing the parts that are least useful or prof...

Trustee Profile: Fast Track

Mark Zesbaugh?s meteoric career propelled him to the CEO office at the age of 37. Now he's looking for the next challenge.

Trustee Profile: Faith in Healing

Sister Carol Keehan plays a significant role in health care reform, with particular concern for those most desperately in need of care
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Learning Through Chaos

Innovative St. Thomas-Cristo Rey service program helps students move beyond stereotypes and privilege
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Final Thoughts

If the world belongs to those who participate, why are we sitting on the sidelines?
John Rigo

The Best in All of Us

John Rigo '75 died in the World Trade Center terrorist attack on 9/11. His wife and loved ones remember the man who will be in their hearts forever