Wellness Center Lists Beach Volleyball Tournament Results

The Wellness Center sends thanks to everyone who participated in the first annual Beach Volleyball Tournament promoting physical activity and e-CHUG, an online survey about safe drinking.

Lawn game and tournament results:

Hula-Hoop Contest

Prize: Bookstore merchandise

  • Paige Brimeyer
  • Kara Audette
  • Ali Vandercook
  • Maria Harrington

Balloon Toss

Prize: Bookstore merchandise

  • Drew Mathews and Jake Lippert
  • Wes Corrigan and Brandon Gnerer

Best Team Uniforms

Prize: $60 to Menchies

Team “Wii Phat”

  • Ali Vandercook
  • Bridgette Kelly
  • Mike Williamson
  • Emily Dinkel
  • Quinn Wrenholt
  • Steve Kanne

Best Team Name

Prize: $60 to Punch Pizza

Team “Set Me Maybe”

  • Katie Maher
  • Nicole Potts
  • Paige Brimeyer
  • Kerrie Hughes
  • Kevin Hannon
  • Tommy Hannon
  • Zach Riedeman
  • Will Deberg

Tournament Winners

Prize: $500 to Target

Team “SpikeRiled”

  • Greta Omann
  • Taylor Cross
  • Ashley Maher
  • Michael Fox
  • Dan Noehring
  • Ricky Margarit
  • Kyle Whitley
  • Megan Brown

The tournament was sponsored by the Wellness Center and STAR.