Business ethics center hosts group from Albania

Business ethics center hosts group from Albania

The Center for Ethical Business Cultures yesterday hosted a delegation of six business owners, academicians and nonprofit leaders from Albania who were interested in learning about the center and its approach to business ethics. 

The visit was organized by the U.S. State Department as part of its International Visitor Leadership Program, which also provided two translators for the session. 

David Rodbourne and Bob Shoemake from CEBC provided an overview of the history of corporate responsibility in Minnesota and the center’s approach to working with business on ethical leadership development. 

Dr. Kenneth Goodpaster, Koch Endowed Chair in Business Ethics at the Opus College of Business, also met with the delegation to share insights on the challenges that leaders confront in building ethical cultures and thoughts on ethics education. 

CEBC has met on other occasions with delegations from Japan, Kazakhstan and Poland. 

The center is affiliated with St. Thomas’ College of Business and is located on the university’s Minneapolis campus.