CAS, Graduate Program in Software Students Compete in MinneMUDAC

On Nov. 4, MinneMUDAC​ data analytics competition was held at Optum in Eden Prairie, with 51 undergraduate and graduate teams from 30 different Midwestern colleges and universities.  Students competed for $15,000 in prize money and there was a recruiting event as well. Students used medical and pharmacy claims data to characterize the health care experience of persons with Type 2 diabetes aged 18-45 years of age in ways that provided insights for a large employer.

The College of Arts and Sciences sent undergraduate students to this competition for the first time. The undergraduate students who participated were from economics, statistics, and computer science. They were: Rachel Artig​, Sydney Benson, Regina Burroughs​, Kathryn Foltz, Elsa Langenwalter, Morgan McCorkle, Jessica Mohr, and Anna Starks. Their faculty mentors were economics professors Adam Check​, Monica Hartmann​, Matt Kim, and Tyler Schipper​.

The Graduate Programs in Software also sent three teams of students who competed on the graduate level for the second time. The students who participated were: Nikhil Dama, Yuyu He, Karthik Kantipudi, Rajwinder Kaur, Christian Klaue, Swetha Kulkarni, Tony Lesicka, Ikthar Nazeem Naja Mohamed, Furqan Rauf, Prerana Sawant, Xinyue Sui, and Jingting Wang. The team's advisors were faculty Ron Chiang, Chih Lai, and Brad Rubin.