Center for Business Excellence lists three March programs

Center for Business Excellence lists three March programs

The Center for Business Excellence will offer several programs in March. Discounts of 33 percent for UST alumni and 75 percent for UST faculty and staff are available. For more information or to register, call the Center for Business Excellence, (651) 962-4600, or click on the links below.

Life Leadership Circles for Women Managers
Wednesdays biweekly March 14 to May 23

Life Leadership Circles for Women Managers allows participants to share challenges, try out new ideas, hold each other accountable for key actions and celebrate successes. Participants meet with the same group of women leaders for six half-day sessions over three months, reaping the benefits of building supportive professional relationships and working in a supportive atmosphere. 

Relational Database Design and Usage
Thursday and Friday, March 8 and 9

This program focuses on a methodology for creating effective relational databases that perform well and satisfy a given set of requirements. Participants will learn how to map the database requirements into a concise entity relationship model, map the model into a relational model, implement the model on a target relational database and fine-tune the system for performance. 

Math in Business: Applications in Economics, Finance, Operations and Statistics
Thursdays, March 22 to May 3

Ideal for people who understand basic algebra but have not been exposed to how algebra and statistics are applied to business problems, this program introduces the topics of descriptive statistics, probability and expected value, linear regression, the normal distribution, marginal revenue, cost and profit, break-even analysis, linear programming, additive and multiplicative models, simple and compound interest, annuities, geometric mean, and decision analysis.

These programs are offered in both open enrollment and custom formats. For more information, call the Center for Business Excellence at (651) 962-4600 or visit the center's Web site.