Cheer winners of Weight-Loss Challenge on Wednesday

Cheer winners of Weight-Loss Challenge on Wednesday

From Peter Ronza
Compensation and Benefits Manager
Human Resources

So, who won the UST Weight-Loss Challenge?

Find out at the celebration and award ceremony at noon Wednesday, Nov. 15, in Room 304, Murray-Herrick Campus Center.

Sixteen University of St. Thomas employees signed up for the eight-week challenge sponsored by the university's Human Resources Department. Based on the NBC television program "The Biggest Loser," and conducted in coordination with Life Time Fitness Corp., the UST Weight-Loss Challenge was held from Sept. 18 to Nov. 10.

Participants used professionally guided diet and exercise to see who could lose the largest percentage of body fat.  First place will win $500, second place will win $250 and third place will win $150.

Participants attended three personal-training sessions per week at a Life Time facility in Eagan or Woodbury, met with a nutrition coach for a half-hour each week, and tracked their progress in a lifestyle journal.

A body-composition test and weigh-in was held at the start of the event, halfway through the challenge and on the last day. The winner is not necessarily going to be the contestant who lost the most pounds, but rather the person who lost the highest percentage of body fat. For example, a person could weigh the same at the end of the challenge as at the beginning, but could have greatly reduced the percentage of body fat.

Trainers from Life Time Fitness conducted the composition tests and will tabulate the data to determine the winners.

The contestants who worked out at the Woodbury facility were: Tara Burkowski, Public Safety; Phyllis Meath, Purchasing; Lori O'Brien, Physical Plant; Pat Quale, Physical Plant; Pat Reinhardt, Modern and Classical Languages; Elizabeth Rivera, Service Center; Mavis Rubsam, School of Education; and Ellen Uhrich, Economics.

Working out at the Eagan facility were: Carmina Cavazos, College of Business; Susan Eckstein, College of Business; Jill Eifert, College of Business; Kathleen Fell, Catholic Studies; Mari Heltne, Quantitative Methods and Computer Science; Jessica Mustful, School of Education; Shirley Polejewski, College of Business; Colleen Stephens, Campus Life.

The challenge was held to encourage good eating habits and regular exercise.