CILCE Corner: Words from student workers.

I’ve been looking forward to writing this week’s CILCE Corner for a while now, with the hope of giving you some insight into the home away from home our office keeps. By creating a collage of thoughts and stories given from the perspective of the Center for Intercultural Learning and Community Engagement (CILCE) student workers, I hope hearing from them will help you better understand our mission.

CILCE has been blessed with a wonderful group of student workers, but never could I have anticipated the overwhelming amount of heartfelt stories and positive comments student workers would offer. For the sake of length I have chosen a select few to share with you.

Taylor Clements

Taylor Clements spoke passionately about CILCE when sharing what she felt was the best part of her job. Taylor said, “The best part of my job is working with all the wonderful staff and seeing their passion for all of our programs. I believe that we have some of the best students and staff working together in CILCE. … It’s also exciting that I look forward to going to work every day. I love hanging out with my co-workers!”

Taylor began as a volunteer for the Tutor-Mentor program before she was hired as a tutor-mentor leadership coordinator. She plans to continue working for CILCE as she finishes working toward a major in psychology.

Kate Wright

Another student worker, Kate Wright, shared with me how CILCE has enhanced her UST experience. Having been a part of CILCE for three years, Kate said, “ … has given me the opportunity to work with the community. ...  I have been able to open myself up to many cultural experiences that would not have been made available to me otherwise.”

Kate is an early college awareness coordinator and plans to major in business law with a minor in environmental studies.

Sarah Smith

I asked Sarah Smith, another tutor-mentor leadership coordinator, if she would recommend working for CILCE to other students. Sarah answered with an enthusiastic, “Of course! It’s such a great environment and everyone truly cares about one another. You not only get to feel like you are doing something valuable for the school and the community but you also get to spend your time with great people.”

Sarah also spoke strongly about how working for CILCE has made her understand the importance of service.

Sara O'Neil

Sara O’Neill, a HECUA student adviser, also had positive words to say about CILCE. Sara said, “CILCE has a lot of wonderful people that will always welcome you in. When you work at CILCE you are helping to build a better community.”

Mitch Hinnenkamp

As a final question to all student workers, I asked them to choose some words they would use to describe CILCE. Mitch Hinnenkamp, CILCE technology intern, answered, “committed, creative and considerate.” I feel that these three words describe CILCE very well.

By demonstrating commitment to service, outreach, experiential education, and cross-cultural exchange, CILCE aims to broaden the worldview of students, faculty and staff. By preparing ourselves and others for an increasingly global and diverse world, our goal is to ultimately learn and serve together with the hope of advancing the common good. And with a team like ours, I believe CILCE can do it.

With finals just around the corner, best of luck to everyone in the upcoming weeks!