UST Libraries and Coffee Bené to Celebrate Partnership's One-year Anniversary on Thursday

 “I consider coffee to be a religious discipline of sorts: it begins my day, like prayer does for some; is a sacrament at every familial function, friendly gathering, and every celebratory or solemn occasion. If I venture out for a walk in a strange city, the quest for it directs me along my way. I offer it to every soul who enters my house, and likewise I would never refuse its offer without due cause, any more than I would refuse someone's handshake. It's not so much a substance, I mean, as a way of life … a true habit of my being.”

~Musician Joe Henry

*  *  *

The UST Libraries and Coffee Bené invite you to celebrate with us the first year of our partnership in O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library. On Feb. 10, 2010, Coffee Bené sold its first cup of coffee in its new location in the OSF Library. Since that day, the shop has sold 14,772 brewed coffees, 5,631 lattes, 8,417 mochas, 4,158 muffins and 2,000 cookies. (And we are pretty sure that the library director is responsible for the purchase of only two or three thousand of the brewed coffees and a few hundred cookies!) 

The impact of the coffee shop on the use of the library has been that we’ve had the busiest months in the history of the library at St. Thomas. The impact on student and faculty happiness is immeasurable, except by the many smiles we see every day in the vicinity of Coffee Bené! Perhaps we are all smarter because of the great freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee that is available in the library!

 Come celebrate coffee beginning at 11 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 10.

Look for Ericka and Kellie at the greeting table – they’ll be giving away reusable cup sleeves to the first 100 guests, free cookies, coffee coupons, and a chance to win one of five ceramic mugs especially designed for the first birthday party. “Tommie” and “Coffee Cup” mascots will be on hand to greet students as they study on the various floors between 1 and 2 p.m.  

Plan to hear the Show’d Up Band at noon in the O’Shaughnessy Roomfeaturing a very special guest artist! Refreshments, too, of course.

Thank you for your patronage during this last year and our best to you as you begin this new semester.