Luann Dummer Center for Women offers grants for faculty and staff

The Luann Dummer Center for Women awards annually a Curriculum Development Grant for faculty and Professional Development Awards for staff and faculty.

Curriculum Development Grant

The Luann Dummer Center for Women offers an annual award to a faculty member for the purpose of developing a course that focuses on women. Preferably, the grant will provide a course release for the faculty member, although applications for other kinds of support also will be considered.

Both undergraduate and graduate faculty are invited to apply for this grant. Because the center is interested in supporting significant curriculum development, preference will be given to proposals for courses that are likely to become permanent and to be offered on a regular basis. Undergraduate courses also will be expected to meet the criteria for inclusion in the Women’s Studies listings, and faculty developing such courses are encouraged to submit them to the Women’s Studies Committee for review.

Faculty who receive this grant will provide an evaluative report at the end of the grant period, describing the course and its contribution to the curriculum. Faculty also will provide a report, once the course has been offered, regarding its enrollment, the degree of its success, and its status in receiving approval as a permanent course.

In reviewing proposals, the LDCW Advisory Board will give preference to applications that create new courses, though applications to revise existing courses in accordance with new theoretical approaches or to incorporate in new ways material related to women also will be considered. Proposals in areas of study that currently do not offer women-focused courses are especially encouraged.

New information for 2010-2011 applications:
In reviewing proposals this year, the LDCW Advisory Board will give preference to applications that seek to develop for their current courses community-based learning that engages women or girls in the community, although applications that create new courses or significantly revise current courses also will be considered.

The deadline to apply for curriculum development grants is May 3, 2010. For application information, visit the Luann Dummer Center for Women Web site.

Professional Development Awards

The Luann Dummer Center for Women also offers grants in support of professional development activities that are appropriate to the mission of the center in that they “foster the intellectual, spiritual and personal development of women, and promote an open and diverse environment at St. Thomas.”

Among the kinds of activities that these grants might support are registration fees for workshops, travel to conferences and other related expenses. Preference will be given to staff who have no other funding sources available for professional development; however, all staff and faculty are eligible to apply.

The maximum award for any individual will be $1,000. Awards to groups of individuals, activities with a collaborative focus, and awards that are likely to broadly affect St. Thomas are especially encouraged. All recipients will be expected to share the benefits of their activities with the St. Thomas community.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. For application information, visit the Luann Dummer Center for Women Web site.