Delta Epsilon Sigma Sponsors Writing Contest

Delta Epsilon Sigma (DES), a national scholastic honor society for students attending Catholic colleges and universities, annually sponsors a writing contest that is open to all St. Thomas undergraduate students.

The submission deadline for this year’s contest is Friday, Nov. 26. To enter, e-mail manuscripts to Dr. Michael C. Jordan. One submission in each of four categories will be entered in the national competition for a $500 national prize.


Manuscripts may be submitted in any of four categories: (1) poetry, (2) fiction, (3) nonfiction prose (essay), or (4) scholarly research writing. The winner in each of the four categories will receive a $500 prize. A second prize of $250 also sometimes is awarded.

The first phase of the competition is conducted by local chapters, each of which is encouraged to sponsor its own contest. Editorial comment and advice by a faculty mentor is appropriate as an aid preparatory to student revision, but all writing must be done by the student. A chapter may forward to the national competition only one entry in each category.

Prose manuscripts should be double-spaced and 1,500 to 5,000 words in length. A long poem should be submitted singly; shorter lyrics may be submitted singly or in groups of two or three. All entries must be submitted electronically.

Final judging and the announcement of the result will take place no later than May 1 of the following year. Winners will be notified through the office of the local chapter moderator.

Scholarly research submissions guidelines

Research essays should be done according to accepted guidelines within the discipline with appropriate citation method (APA, MLA or other relevant form). Research should be primary and incorporate original results, observations and insight – original critical conclusions beyond summary of already published research.