Take your meetings to a higher level

When people make an assessment of their life, they typically do not wish to have spent more time in meetings; yet, meetings take up a significant portion of time in the workplace.

Dr. Stephen Brookfield

Dr. Stephen Brookfield

Join Dr. Stephen Brookfield in a presentation, “Democratizing Meetings,” on Monday, March 1. He will demonstrate a number of practical techniques that, when implemented properly, can lift meetings out of their predictable rut. All of these techniques are designed to elicit input from the widest possible range of voices and to open up the agenda to new and surprising perspectives.

“Democratizing Meetings” will be held from 9:30 to 11 a.m. in Room 315, McNeely Hall.

Brookfield has been a Distinguished University Professor at the University of St. Thomas for 17 years and also has taught at Columbia and Harvard. He has written or edited 12 books on adult learning, teaching, critical thinking and critical theory, and he has attended thousands of meetings.

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