Employers to visit campus

Employers to visit campus

Juniors seeking summer internships and seniors seeking a job after graduation should check out the companies that will conduct interviews on campus. Interviews begin Monday, Sept. 22, and continue through October with application deadlines almost 14 days in advance of each interview date.

To see a list of employers and position titles, visit the Career Development Web site. Positions will be added to the list throughout September.

Orientation to On-Campus Interviewing seminar

In order to attend on-campus interviews, you are required to first attend an Orientation to On-Campus Interviewing seminar. To find an Orientation Seminar, visit the Career Development Seminars and Events Web page.

Employer information sessions

Each semester, companies come to campus to present information about their organizations and the career opportunities they offer (internship and full-time). Most of these information sessions are connected with an on-campus interview, so applicants are strongly encouraged to attend. Visit the Career Development Center events calendar for the schedule.

Below is the list of companies that will be on campus for information sessions; more potentially could be added: 

  • Best Buy
  • Cummins Power Generation
  • Harris Williams
  • Target
  • Teach for America
  • Travelers