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Entre Today talk on ‘The Lean Enterprise: What Is It? Why Should I Care?’ is Nov. 18

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“The Lean Enterprise: What Is It? Why Should I Care?” is the topic for November’s Entre Today program, with featured speaker Sara Braziller, Center for Business Excellence, and adjunct faculty member, Department of Engineering and Technology Management, University of St. Thomas.

Implementing the lean management philosophy within an organization seems to be the hot thing to do today. As a business owner, and often one that runs a profitable company, the question arises, “Why should I pursue lean?” Whether you are running a profitable business or a start-up, lean is for everyone. As a growing young business, starting to develop “lean” processes from the beginning will ensure that your company develops a culture of continuous improvement. And, if you are already profitable, pursuing lean can ensure that you are prepared to combat any downturns in the markets you serve.

Discussion will center on defining lean and its major concepts and principles. Despite the latest computer upgrades and technology, work environments seem buried more than ever with waste: growing mounds of inventory and paper, unnecessary policies, too many meetings, e-mails and reports.

In today’s competitive landscape, every company should be continually looking at ways to increase its profitability and value to customers. The question shouldn’t be whether to pursue lean but rather how and what aspects of this management philosophy to implement.

Everyone is welcome to this event from 7:30 to 9 a.m. Friday, Nov. 18, in Room 201, Opus Hall, Minneapolis campus.

The cost is:

  • $25 – UST student
  • $35 – UST alumni, faculty, staff
  • $45 – Standard prepaid rate
  • $55 – Standard door rate

For more information and to register, call the Center for Business Excellence, (651) 962-4600, or visit the center’s Web site.

About the presenter: Braziller lives and breathes “lean thinking,” specifically working with companies to improve utilization of people and assets. She has more than 25 years of demonstrated experience in successfully leading and managing projects, establishing high performing organizations and problem solving in more than 85 product and service companies.

Braziller is the lead faculty for St. Thomas on the topic of “lean,” where she works with several local companies, leading training and kaizen events as well as development of master’s programs and seminars.

Prior to this current role, she was the vice president and CIO for Jenny Craig International in San Diego, Calif. She has worked in industry and as a consultant to industry, serving large and small private and public organizations.

Braziller holds a B.A. in production operations management with a minor in information systems from North Texas State University, where she graduated magna cum laude. Through APICS, the Association for Operations Management, she is certified in resource management (CIRM) and is also a certified practitioner in inventory management (CPIM).