Real-world perspectives on market research

consumer researchI appreciate how the Full-time UST MBA program offers a combination of academics and professional experience. An example of this is the integration of special speakers’ days into the regular class schedule. Faculty members are always looking for the best speakers that can complement the the lectures and in class discussion. This was the case two weeks ago in our Applied Business Research (ABR) class.

Three wonderful speakers came to our class and shared their experience in the area of qualitative marketing research:

  • Luke Cahill, UST MBA '07, owner of Marketing Roundtables, introduced us to the world of exploratory in-store research.
  • Michelle DeVaughn, independent consultant and marketing researcher, gave us practical tips to conduct a successful focus group.
  • Frank Nelson, subject matter expert and consultant specializing in interpreting non-verbal communication, explained how to better understand consumer behavior.

With this practical knowledge we are now ready for our next step in our project.