Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign Reaches 40-percent Participation

The 2012 St. Thomas Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign has been under way for two months. To date, more than 630 faculty and staff members have made gifts and pledges. That is a phenomenal number of participants. To each of you, a sincere “thank you” for making a difference not only in this campaign but also to St. Thomas overall!

The 630 gifts and pledges puts the campaign at 40-percent participation. In previous years, this would have been cause for celebration; however, for this year’s campaign, I hope that it is a call to action for 294 members of the St. Thomas community. That is how many more participants we need to achieve our goal of 60-percent participation. Last year, the campaign achieved 49 percent participation. The record for participation was set during the 2010 Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign at 53 percent.

Participating in the St. Thomas Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign is easy. Print this giving form. Tell St. Thomas how you would like your gift to be used and put in the dollar amount you wish to give. No gift is too small. You can make a gift by cash, check, credit card and even payroll deduction. The campaign will end June 30, 2012.

If you haven’t made your gift yet, now’s the time. Imagine how great it will feel to be a part of something that more than 900 members of the St. Thomas community participated in to make a difference.

Here are current participation rates from across campus:

  • Enrollment Services – 86%
  • Institutional Advancement – 71%
  • Student Affairs – 69%
  • College of Applied Professional Studies –  44%
  • School of Engineering – 43%
  • Business Affairs – 42%
  • School of Social Work – 38%
  • School of Law – 37%
  • College of Arts and Sciences – 36%
  • Opus College of Business – 31%
  • Mission – 28%
  • Academic Affairs – 24%
  • Human Resources – 21%
  • IRT – 19%
  • School of Divinity – 10%

If you have questions regarding the campaign or your status as a donor in this year’s campaign, contact John Bannigan, (651) 962-6982.