Faculty and staff honored March 2 for years of service

Faculty and staff honored March 2 for years of service

Every year the University of St. Thomas publicly recognizes faculty and staff for their years of service. At this year's Faculty and Staff Recognition Ceremony, the university will recognize faculty and staff who celebrated 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service during the 2006 calendar year.   

Everyone is welcome to attend the recognition ceremony from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Friday, March 2, in O'Shaughnessy Educational Center auditorium on the St. Paul campus.

Following are the names of the faculty and staff who will receive recognition awards.

40 years
Thomas Sullivan, Philosophy

35 years
Stephen Fritz, Athletics
Burton ("Skip") Nolan, Graduate School of Professional Psychology
Thomas Sturm, Quantitative Methods and Computer Science

30  years
Faith Bonitz, O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library
John Buri, Psychology
Daniel Fairchild, Economics
Jeannine Harff, School of Education
John Kemper, Mathematics
Joseph Komar, Quantitative Methods and Computer Science
Daniel McNamara, Opus College of Business
Shirley Polejewski, Opus College of Business
Ann Ryan, School of Education
Clyde Rykken, Physical Plant
Lyle Wick, Physical Plant
Victoria Wick, Physical Plant

25 years
Susan Alexander, President's Office
Don Briel, Center for Catholic Studies
Lisa Dochniak, O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library
Richard Dubbels, Physical Plant
Thomas Fisch, School of Divinity
Jacqueline Grossklaus, School of Education
Jacquelyn Hanson, Bookstore
Mark Jensen, University Relations
Lorman Lundsten, Opus College of Business
Ralph Miller, Gainey Conference Center
Sally Power, Opus College of Business
Richard Raschio, Modern and Classical Languages
Thomas Redshaw, English
Barbara Shank, School of Social Work
Peter Willner, Public Safety

20 years
Heino Beckmann, Opus College of Business
Barbara Berger, School of Social Work
Laurie Dienst, Controller's Office
Marianne Hageman, O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library
Anne Hammel, Opus College of Business
Linda Hartung, Enrollment Services
Elizabeth Hayes, Enrollment Services
Judith Hilderbrand, Opus College of Business
Sharon Howell, Dean of Students
Lief Johnson, Information Resources and Technology
Karen Lange, Dean of Students
Jeanne Parsons, School of Education
Patricia Petersen, University Relations
Lisa Redmond, O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library
Ronald Rennaker, Physical Plant
Kathryn Sauro, Opus College of Business
David Schlosser, Physical Plant
Mark Thometz, Food Service

15 years
Doris Athmann, Development Office
Angeline Barretta-Herman, Office of Academic Affairs
Melva Cain, Chemistry
Deborah Connor, Development Office
Catherine Cory, Theology
Katherine Faricy, Music
Susan Focke, Art History
Kendra Garrett, School of Social Work
Matthew George, Music
Daniel Gjelten, O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library
Steven Hansen, Quantitative Methods and Computer Science
Patricia Hedberg, Opus College of Business
Robert Hernandez, Physical Plant
Ann Hubbard, International Education
David Landry, Theology
Rose Mary Lemmons, Philosophy
Janet Lestock, Opus College of Business
Anthony Lewno, Biology
Jill Manske, Biology
Leslie Miller, English
Michael Naughton, John A. Ryan Institute
Wilfredo Nieves, Food Service
Lori O'Brien, Physical Plant
Joyce Patten, Office of Academic Affairs
Elizabeth Pojar, Constituent Relations
Elizabeth Polakowski, John Ireland Library
William Raffield, Opus College of Business
Robert Riley, Economics
William Schoetz, Service Center
Katarina Schuth, School of Divinity
Michael Sheppeck, Opus College of Business
Tyrone Stenzel, Health and Human Performance
Carol Uhlich, Food Service
Robert Werner, Geography

10 years
Sarah Armstrong, Personal Counseling
Craig Cahill, Development Office
Susan Callaway, English
Corrine Carvalho, Theology
Saladin Cerimagic, Graduate Programs in Software
Barry Cytron, Center for Jewish-Christian Learning
Simon Emms, Biology
Mary Gilman, Enrollment Services
Terri Hastings, Opus College of Business
Kristen Hatfield, Enrollment Services
Steve Homan, Food Service
Bruce Kramer, School of Education
Eric Larson, Information Resources and Technology
Randy Larson, Physical Plant
Andrew Leet, English
Paul Lorah, Geography
Steve Mathre, Athletics
William McCoy, Athletics
Susan Moyer, Opus College of Business
Thomas Murphy, Information Resources and Technology
Katherine Norlander, University Relations
David Rodbourne, Opus College of Business
Britain Scott, Psychology
Marjorie Siegel, Opus College of Business
Sandra Strand, Gainey Conference Center
Marius Tegomoh, Graduate Programs in Software
Susan Thompson, Service Center
Paul Titus, Physical Plant
Eric Tornoe, Information Resources and Technology
Charles Turner, Information Resources and Technology
Terri Vandercook, School of Education
Barbara Wolfe, School of Education
Thanos Zyngas, Rome-Administration

Five years
Cara Anthony, Theology
Margaret Axtmann, School of Law
Timothy Beyer, Personal Counseling
Heather Bouwman, English
Peter Breuch, University Relations
Bernice Burts, Food Service
Thomas Carey, International Student Services
Heung-Joo Cha, Opus College of Business
Rebecca Chinn, Food Service
Anne Cohen, Opus College of Business
Linda Dorn, Registrar’s Office
Barbara Dunker, Office of Executive Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer
Mary Dvorsky, Enrollment Services
Phyllis Dykhuizen, School of Education
Amy Fistler, Development Office
Pavel Gavrilyuk, Theology
Jason Gille
n, Public Safety
Rick Goheen, School of Law
Carroll Gonzo, Music
Craig Grabitske, O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library
Neil Hamilton, School of Law
Patricia Helland, School of Education
Stephen Hoeppner, Development Office
Constance Jeffrey, Food Service
Alec Johnson, Opus College of Business
Duane Krueger, Chemistry
Aurora Kubach, O'Shaughnessy Frey Library
Deanna Kuhns, Information Resources and Technology
Sam Levy, Information Resources and Technology
Thomas Maines, Opus College of Business
Peggy Margenau, Athletics
John Martens, Theology
Diane Matson, Accounting
Brian May, Enrollment Services
Dedrick Mays, Mathematics
Sunil Mohanty, Opus College of Business
Joshua Moldenhauer, Food Service
Michael Moore, William C. Norris Institute
Nancy Mulder, Opus College of Business
Amy Muse, English
Susan Myers, Theology
Nancy Ninteman, Opus College of Business
Jerome Organ, School of Law
Pamela Peterson, Business Office
Kimberly Pratt, International Education
Jeanne Ramacher, Student Health Services
Michael Ryan, Opus College of Business
Mary Rylander, Food Service
Luz Saavedra, Economics
James Sachs, Dean of Students
Kathleen Salvatore, Human Resources
Lalith Samarakoon, Opus College of Business
Patricia Satzer, School of Law
Anne Schafer, University Relations
Michael Scham, Modern and Classical Languages
Elizabeth Schiltz, School of Law
Miki Scholl, School of Law
Nathan Shuff, Information Resources and Technology
Amy Smith, School of Education
Carl Sorensen, Public Safety
Susan Spray, Development Office
William Stiteler, Service Center
Milo Stubblefield, Physical Plant
Julie Swedberg, Controller's Office
Jane Tar, Modern and Classical Languages
Tamara Tesch, Development Office
Kimm Thiboldeaux, Food Service
Jill Trinka, Music
Jammey Tyus, Physical Plant
Edward Ulrich, Theology
Ma Vang, Service Center
Lisa Waldner, Sociology and Criminal Justice
Zhiwei Wang, Graduate Programs in Software
Amere Watkins, Food Service
Roger Weinbrenner, Physical Plant
Ramona White, Food Service
Gail Wilbur, Academic Advising

If you have any questions regarding the ceremony or the university’s recognition program, please contact Kate Salvatore or Kristen Ireland at (651) 962-6510.