Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign Off to Fast Start

A little more than one month into the Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign and participation continues to grow. More than 500 faculty and staff have participated to date.

"This is an incredible start to the campaign," said John Bannigan, Development.

The 2010 Faculty and Staff Annual Campaign set a record for participation at 53 percent. This placed St. Thomas second in participation among all colleges and universities in Minnesota.

"This year’s goal is to achieve 55 percent participation," Bannigan said. "In order to achieve this, we will need to have 810 participants."

Pledge forms were mailed out to all faculty and staff, but in the chaos that is finals week, the forms may have been “misplaced," Bannigan noted. To access another copy of the pledge form click here. Print it and send it via campus mail to John Bannigan, Mail #DEV.

"The goal of the campaign is to achieve the highest possible participation rate. The dollar amount is not as important as the participation," Bannigan added.

For more information about the campaign, your status as a participant in this year’s campaign or a designation you would like to direct your gift toward, contact John Bannigan, (651) 962-6982.