Family Business Management now Available to all Juniors, Seniors

Is working in a family business in your future? Family Business Management (ENTR349) is now available to all juniors and seniors.

Many students will own, work for, or advise family businesses. Research shows that:

  • 80 percent of the U.S. workforce is employed in family businesses
  • 60 pecent of publicly traded companies are controlled by families
  • 5.5 million firms in the United States are family businesses

Section 1
For any student, ENTR349, Section 1 increases preparation and marketability to own, advise or start a family business.

  • If your parents own a business, you will likely become an owner. This class helps you understand responsibilities of owners.
  • Accountants, financial providers, lawyers and counselors (e.g., psychology, sociology, religion, etc.) often become principle advisers to business-owning families. This class helps you give informed counsel and advice.
  • If you start your own business, there is high likelihood that other family members will be involved. Know what to expect and how to govern family-business interaction

Section 2
For students who plan to work in their family’s business, ENTR349, Section 2 enables family members to participate and  join you in the class to work on projects related to your family business. 

For more information contact Ritch Sorenson, (651) 962-4252.