Freshman hits campaign trail looking for votes

Freshman hits campaign trail looking for votes – for her mother.

Amanda Schultz is on the campaign trail looking for votes – for her mother.

Schultz, a freshman at St. Thomas, recently nominated her mother for America's Favorite Mom, an online Mother’s Day contest sponsored by Teleflora, a flower-delivery company. Her mother, Holly, also is a student at St. Thomas.

“Not only would I love to share how great my mom is with others, but I am also hoping that the St. Thomas community can support her by voting on the contest Web site,” Schultz said. “She has done so much for so many other people, and it is not any problem for her to give up a day to help others out.”

A story that exemplifies her mother's character, Schultz notes, is a Friday night when she did not return home at the expected time. “The look she gave me when I walked in the door was one of heartache mixed with relief,” Schultz said. “That was one of two times that I have seen my mother break down and cry.”

Because Holly didn't want other parents to go through such an experience, she started a Teens Home Safe Web site, where parents can read about her experience along with helpful tips and ideas for making sure their children are safe.

“She is not just a mother, but an angel sent from heaven,” Schultz said.

Schultz’s essay nominating her mother is available on the contest Web site. To read the essay and to vote (one vote per person per day is allowed) go to the America's Favorite Mom contest Web site, create a user name, click on "browse & vote," and search for “Holly Schultz.”