Freshmen: You are the inaugural class for the Student Legacy Program

Freshmen: You are the inaugural class for the Student Legacy Program

By Kathy Stender
Development Office

The Student Legacy Program is a new effort by the Development Office and the Alumni Association to introduce current students to philanthropy at St. Thomas.

The program will answer some common questions that students have about fund raising at St. Thomas. Why do people give money to St. Thomas? How are scholarships at St. Thomas funded? Who gives the money for them? Why does St. Thomas have a strong tradition of alumni giving?

 St. Thomas is trying a new method of introducing students to the satisfaction that comes from helping other Tommies. This year’s freshmen are the “kick-off class” for the Student Legacy Program, which will educate students about alumni philanthropy and will allow them, throughout their years on campus, to shape their participation in assisting future students.

To raise awareness about the importance of scholarship dollars and to raise money toward a class of 2007 scholarship, a campaign called the Student Legacy Campaign  “Scholarships for the Future” will start Monday, Feb. 23, and run until Sunday, Feb. 29.

We are asking students to give one dollar to the campaign this year.   We will collect money during lunch and dinner outside the student dining room, Murray-Herrick Campus Center. All the money raised will remain in a St. Thomas account for the class of 2007.  Students will build on this account for the next four years.  All money raised will be given to deserving freshmen students who enter St. Thomas in the fall of 2007.

The Student Legacy Program will host a snow sculpture contest from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 29.  See the story that appeared in the Feb. 18 Bulletin Today.