Bruce Gleason Appointed Interim Director for the International Education Center

Bruce Gleason

Dr. Bruce Gleason

Dr. Bruce Gleason has been appointed by Dr. Susan Huber, executive vice president and chief academic officer, interim director for the International Education Center. He is a tenured faculty member of the Department of Music and has taught at the university since 1999.

“Dr. Bruce Gleason communicates clearly and thinks systemically; he will bring needed stability to the center as they move forward with plans for comprehensive internationalization,” Huber said.

Gleason holds a Ph.D. in music education from the University of Iowa. He was formerly the director of Graduate Programs in Music Education at St. Thomas and the associate chair of the Department of Music at Gordon College.

Along with leading concert tours of New England and Europe, Gleason has been involved in ongoing music history research with several government and military agencies, museums, universities, libraries, art galleries and independent historians in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, which has resulted in a great deal of correspondence and travel. He has visited 30 countries.

"I had an early start with international travel as a high school student, and I know the impact that it can have on a person," said Gleason. "Staff members of the UST International Education Center have a strong commitment to providing these kinds of life changes for our present and future students, and I'm excited and pleased to now be a part of the process."