Green Team asks for your participation in a campaign to reduce energy and heating consumption this month

From the Green Team

College students around Minnesota will pull the plug on excessive energy consumption, literally. In a statewide competition called Campus Wars, 15 schools, including the University of St. Thomas and University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, will battle throughout February to see which school can save the most energy.

The St. Thomas Green Team will sponsor several events this month. Check Bulletin Today on Mondays to read about events each week.

This week’s events include:

  • Tuesday: Today is "Do It in the Dark Day": Try to do the majority of your activities in the dark today. It will provide a new challenge in your daily life.
  • Wednesday: Join the St. Thomas Green Team as it camps out in the lower quad to raise awareness for Campus Wars. Bring your tent, warm clothes and musical instrument as we spend a night in the Minnesota cold. Hot chocolate will be provided; good attitude is needed.

Events in the weeks to follow include a movie night and a chili cook-off.

Energy saving tip of the week:

Eighty-six percent of the energy consumed by a washing machine goes into heating the water. To save energy – and to keep your white underclothing from turning pink – use cold water to wash your clothes.

For more information about events and to learn about a petition the group is sponsoring, e-mail the Green Team.



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