I'm getting involved with UST MBA clubs

The Full-time UST MBA program offers students several ways of getting involved with the community, like participating in clubs and the Student Association. Although, during my first semester I didn't become an active member, I collaborated in most of the activities planned by the International Club. This spring, when applications for board positions were opened, I decided to get more involved and help strengthen the current position of the club.

Six positions were available: President, Vice President, Internal Communication Officer, External Communications Officer, Financial Officer and General Board Member. Since I had the experience of managing the internal and external communications for the Rotaract Cacique Baruta Club of Rotary International at Venezuela, I felt the Internal Communications Officer position would be a good fit. At the same time, I encouraged my husband to run for President, which he did.

This week, the names of the new board members were announced and we were pleased to find out that we were appointed for the positions we applied. We have a lot of new ideas to increase the awareness of the club. Below is the complete list of the new International Student Club Board:

  • President: Jose Quijada Molina
  • Vice President: Cheval Morrison
  • Internal Communications Officer:  Mary Garcia
  • External Communications Officer: Li Ma
  • Financial Officer: Jing Zhang (Ariel)
  • General Board Member: Nandini Jaipuriyar