School of Engineering professor AnnMarie Thomas poses for a studio portrait with light-painted tracks made by LEDs March 3, 2015. Taken for the School of Engineering newsletter. Thomas often explores play concepts as a way of teaching engineering.

In the News: AnnMarie Thomas on The Futures Archive Podcast

AnnMarie Thomas, a professor of entrepreneurship and engineering, joined "The Futures Archive" podcast to discuss the history of the ball and how play has impacted us as human beings.

From the episode: One nice thing about play is that even though we've been doing it since the creation of humans and animals play, we know this and we know that we will be playing until there's no longer life on this planet – we still don't know how to define it, and that lack of definition gives me the freedom to say that play in the far future is going to in many ways look like play now. The costumes or the props might change, but at its heart, play is really a way to have permission to explore the world and the people around you.