Interim Dean of the Dougherty Family College Buffy Smith

In the News: Buffy Smith on Dougherty Family College

Interim Dean of Dougherty Family College Buffy Smith joined "The Sheletta Show" on WCCO Radio to discuss Dougherty Family College and the benefits that it brings to students from families with high financial need. Smith describes the structure of the college as well as the program that allows these students to thrive. She also mentions the importance of peer support within the program by saying:

"This cohort is about 20-25 scholars. They take all of their classes for the full two years together. They have that peer support and that peer accountability. And that really gets them through some difficult times. As they journey through this higher education maze, they don't have to do it alone. And so we take very good care of our scholars, but they most importantly take good care of each other."

Listen to the full conversation below. Smith's interview begins at 18:33.