Iversen Center for Faith.
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In the News: Campus Ministries Collaborates to Improve Mental Health

Campus ministries around the U.S. are collaborating with counselors and psychologists as student mental health concerns become more widespread. Associate Chaplain Dr. Sadaf Shier, who was quoted in The Washington Post, oversaw an end of the Ramadan celebration that hosted various events and activities, including painting flower pots and henna hand decoration.

Dr. Sadaf Rauf Shier, associate chaplain in Campus Ministry

Shier spoke with The Associated Press about religion and its links with mental health. “My major engagement is providing a climate where students feel their religious identity is legitimate,” Shier said. “That’s directly supporting mental health.”

St. Thomas Protestant pastor, Neil Ellingson, also spoke on the matter and how to engage more students.

Chaplain Neil Ellingson speaks during the Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony.
Chaplain Neil Ellingson

“Students who tend to come through the door are already plugged in. How do you connect with those who aren’t?” he said. “At the time when students need this stuff the most, they’re not seeking it.” Ellingson said.

This story first appeared in The Associated Press.