Richard Schulze is the founder and Chairman of Best Buy Co. Inc., which he started in 1983, and has served on the St. Thomas Board of Trustees since 1995.

In the News: Dick Schulze on the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship

Benefactor of the Schulze School of Entrepreneurship at St. Thomas Dick Schulze spoke with Entrepreneur about the Schulze School and offered advice for young entrepreneurs.

From the article: "I thought the days of just sitting in a lecture hall and listening to professors talk about their own thoughts on how to think about growing a business, building a business, forming a business," says Schulze of the School of Entrepreneurship's conception. "That's one thing, but if you can actually sit down and engage faculty and students and respond to current issues, current events, current competition, levels of competition impact on your business, then the act of learning is so much more real. I thought, 'If we could just put this into perspective and then into actual action and activity, we could make a difference.'"