In the News: Dr. Artika Tyner on How Lawyers Can Be More Inclusive Leaders

Dr. Artika Tyner, law professor and founder of the Center on Race, Leadership and Social Justice, discussed with Westlaw Today how legal professionals can use their unique skills to become more inclusive leaders and build more diverse law firms.

From the article: A core principle of inclusive leadership is prioritizing faith over fear. That means having faith in what we can build together rather than fearing we will lose something by emphasizing diversity. Inclusive leaders give everyone a seat at the table to share ideas, information, resources and creativity. They recognize that the influx of diverse talent leads to the type of innovation that will make workplaces and communities stronger.

Inclusive leadership is a leap of faith, but it will yield results as the racial and ethnic demographics of our nation change. Why not lean in and ask what we can create together when our workplaces reflect the diversity of the society we live in?