Founding Director of the Racial Justice Initiative at the University of St. Thomas Dr. Yohuru Williams is interviewed by KARE 11 news anchor Jana Shortal at Hidden Falls Regional Park in St. Paul in May.
By Liam James Doyle

In the News: Dr. Yohuru Williams on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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Founding Director of the Racial Justice Initiative Dr. Yohuru Williams was interviewed by KARE 11 News on the importance of this year's Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

From the article: Dr. Williams discussed why MLK Day is even more noteworthy this year, the progress toward racial justice and what Minnesotans should stop and think about this year.

“You know the United States is in an interesting place right now, we have a lot of work to do and a long way to go before we have dealt with, in a substantive way, these issues of racial inequality in housing, education and health care, and certainly in policing,” Dr. Williams previously told KARE 11.