In the News: Greg Vandegrift Produces Story on Veterans Rowing Group

Emerging Media Professor Greg Vandegrift recently produced a KARE-TV Extra on a veteran-focused rowing group. Warriors Next Adventure, founded by Nick Rahn, is made up of Rahn and three other Air Force veterans, whose mission is to support other veterans with PTSD and other mental health issues.

From the story: "Rahn, who is from St. Paul, is the founder of Warriors Next Adventure, which supports veterans by fighting PTSD and offering crisis intervention. Rahn and three group members – all U.S. Air Force veterans – make up the crew that intends to row some 50 days, give or take, and 3,000 miles to inspire veterans to live with purpose.

“What we’re trying to do is make waves and show other veterans what we can do. So, our thing is after service is over, it doesn’t mean the adventure is over,” Rahn says.