In the News: Hans Gustafson on Interfaith Dialogue in Minnesota

Hans Gustafson, theology professor and director of the Jay Phillips Center for Interreligious Studies at the University of St. Thomas, recently spoke with the Minnesota Multifaith Network about working to promote interfaith learning and understanding between students of different faiths.

From the story:

“When students and nonstudents get into interfaith dialogue, they find there’s nothing to be afraid of. What happens most of the time is that people grow in their own worldview, rather than watering it down. They realize there is a space for them. Even if they’re nonreligious or have a secular way of life, there’s room for them to join the conversation. Sometimes that is a misconception that there are borders around who can and cannot participate. I want people to know that truly all voices are welcome and we’re stronger together when we have all voices at the table. Great minds don’t need to think alike,” said Dr. Gustafson.