In the News: Jason Pattit on Social and Environmental Business Practices

Jason Pattit, management professor at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business, recently joined Jason DeRusha on WCCO Radio to talk about how businesses make decisions around social and environmental practices.

From the story:

Is this good for business or would it be better if we went back to the day when companies got their employees to donate to the United Way and would donate to schools and the arts and call it a day?

“The research on this is kind of equivocal. ... One of the things we talk about is whether or not this is something like a tax for being good. That you have to have even higher performance than companies that don’t engage in these types of socially beneficial or environmentally beneficial initiatives to prove the fact that doing these things is the right thing, as opposed to it ethically, morally being the right thing.”