Mark Brown/University of St. Thomas

In the News: John Abraham on Electric Vehicle Costs Compared to Gas Vehicles

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of St. Thomas, John Abraham, recently spoke with WCCO Radio about a report claiming electric vehicles are actually more expensive to “fuel” than internal combustion engines.

From the story:

“The report is not true in the sense that it is not more expensive to use electricity in a car than gas. And the reason why they came to the opposite conclusion is multifold. First of all, (Fox Business) relied on commercial chargers, which are about three times the price of electricity. They added the cost of the charger to the electric vehicle, but then they didn’t add any regular maintenance (costs) to the regular car. And even using their numbers, it’s about a $2 per gallon equivalent to running an electric car. So if you can go out and get gas for less than $2 per gallon, then yes they are correct.”