Manjeet Rege

In the News: Manjeet Rege on New Master's in AI Program at St. Thomas

Manjeet Rege, professor of software engineering and data science at the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering, recently spoke with KSTP about the new Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program at the university, and how education is key to ensuring AI is used in an ethical and helpful way.

From the story:

“It is scary, and it is important that everyone learns about AI’s technology and power,” he said...

The professor, who isn’t fluent in any of those languages, created the fake videos himself.

“So, consumers need to know that what you see should not be believed right away,” he noted. “It could be something that looks authentic but is not.”

It’s a lesson that Rege will soon be teaching at the university — a master’s degree course in artificial intelligence.  

“We want to teach our students not only the technology behind AI,” he said. “But also, now that they have access to so much technological power, to deploy that in an ethical manner.”

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