In the News: Leah Meyer on the Resilience of Military Families

Leah Meyer, aerospace professor at the University of St. Thomas College of Arts and Sciences, and commander of the university’s Air Force ROTC, recently spoke with the Quad Community Press about the challenges and benefits of being a military family that has lived in many different places, and the hardships associated with overseas deployment.

From the story:

Leah Meyer, of Lino Lakes, has served in the Air Force for 18 years and has been deployed three times. She is a mother of three – Charli, 13, Kate, 11, and Henry, 7. She currently serves as the commander of the Air Force ROTC at the University of St. Thomas. ...

“They have learned a lot about making adjustments and starting over,” she said. ...

“I think they understand a lot more about how the world works than most kids their age. They can tell you about the branches of the military, they can talk about how the government works,” Meyer explained. “They can tell you that Djibouti is a country, because mom was deployed there.” 

Charli and Kate have witnessed that females can be strong leaders too, as they have witnessed their mom run two units. “The sky is the limit for these girls; they are going to change the world.”