Mark Osler debates federal narcotic sentencing at the Hot Topics: Federal Sentencing event held at the School of Law on Thursday, September 25, 2015.

In the News: Mark Osler on Cameras in the Courtroom

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Law professor Mark Osler commented for KSTP News on Judge Peter Cahill's order to ban cameras from the courtroom for the trials of three former Minneapolis police officers charged in connection with George Floyd’s 2020 death.

From the Story: “I think Judge Cahill is trying to follow the law to the letter but still it’s very unfortunate we won’t have the wide viewership,” said Mark Osler, a University of St. Thomas Law professor, who noted benefits to the Chauvin livestream. “It led to people believing in that conviction in a way that probably wouldn’t have happened without the cameras in the courtroom.”

Osler doesn’t believe the judge’s ruling will affect how the legal teams present their cases but it could influence who travels to the Twin Cities. He thinks COVID could still affect the trial.