Mark Osler

In the News: Mark Osler on Juvenile Prosecution

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Law professor Mark Osler commented for the Pioneer Press on a 2016 sexual assault case in St. Paul, Minnesota, that was recently progressed by evidence found in DNA testing. Osler explained the significance of the suspect's age at the time of the crime, and how it will affect the prosecution that the suspect may face.

From the article: The philosophy is that younger juveniles should be able to receive treatment and education to get them on a better path.

It’s “based in the idea of childhood, that people who are 13 and younger aren’t making decisions the same way,” said Mark Osler, University of St. Thomas law professor and former federal prosecutor. “… Frankly, this isn’t an idea that anticipates it’s going to take five years to catch somebody. Usually, when juveniles commit crimes they’re impulsive. They’re lousy at hiding their tracks.”