Rachel Moran with students.
Mark Brown / University of St. Thomas

In the News: Rachel Moran on No-Knock Warrants

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St. Thoms School of Law professor Rachel Moran commented for KARE 11 News on the City of Minneapolis' policy on no-knock warrants. Moran is a policing scholar and will help to advise the Minneapolis Policy & Government Oversight Committee on the history and use of no-knock warrants.

From the Article: Moran will be walking council members through both Mayor Jacob Frey's November 2020 policy and the recent moratorium on both requesting and executing no-knock warrants. Moran said neither are a ban on the practice. 

In regards to the city's no-knock policy for the past 15 months, Moran said, "I would say that the efforts are not nearly as fulsome as they could be. Particularly when you compare St. Paul Police Department's use to Minneapolis you see that some of this seems to be just a preference by the police here in Minneapolis to use these warrants likely more than they should or need to."