Rachel Moran teaching class.

In the News: Rachel Moran on the Lack of Charges in the Amir Locke Shooting

Law professor Rachel Moran commented for Courthouse News Service on prosecutors’ decision not to file any charges in shooting death of Amir Locke.

From the article: University of St. Thomas law professor Rachel Moran said that the decision was “not terribly surprising.”

“It’s going to be very frustrating for a lot of people, because what happened is terrible and horribly unjustified,” she said, but noted that prosecutors have to look at the moment of the shooting itself. “I don’t think we’ve gotten a really fulsome explanation yet from the prosecutors,” she said, but “if you’re looking very narrowly at the moment of the choice to shoot, well, yeah, there was somebody with a gun.”

“Criminal prosecutions don’t do a good job at looking at the bigger picture,” she said. “And the picture is that there was a kid asleep on a couch … and the police chose to send a whole crowd of people in screaming and shouting, and for Amir Locke this was probably, very reasonably, terrifying.”