Dr. Manjeet Rege teaches a Graduate Software Engineering Class in O'Shaughnessy Science Hall on February 26, 2015.

In the News: Manjeet Rege and Rachel Moran on Arrests and Citations Data in Minneapolis


Director of the Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence Dr. Manjeet Rege and law professor Rachel Moran were interviewed by WCCO News on the racial disparities in arrests and citations within Minnesota.

From the article: “What it cannot tell us is the underlying reasoning behind this racial disparity. But the data does give you the evidence to ask more questions,” Rege said.

“In Minneapolis, we have unfortunately a lot of racial disparities in terms of prosperity,” Rachel Moran said, a University of St. Thomas law professor.

Moran says someone who spends more time on the street is more likely to be cited or arrested for one of these misdemeanors.

“So you see the racial disparity there, so it’s not necessarily overt or explicit racism,” Moran said.