Graduating seniors March Through The Arches the day before their graduation on May 24, 2019 in St. Paul.

In the News: St. Thomas Seniors Share Thoughts on Upcoming Graduation

University of St. Thomas graduating seniors, Onella Nkurunziza and Skye Schultz, recently joined WCCO Radio to discuss what it was like graduating from high school during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and what they’re looking forward to with their upcoming college graduation.

From the story:

Host: When you look ahead now to actually being able to go through a ceremony, what does that do for you? To be able to actually get on stage and get that diploma at the University of St. Thomas?

Nkurunziza: Yeah, it is very exciting. It is surreal. It is an experience that I’ve been looking forward to very much, just because I feel like I was robbed of that experience from my high school graduation. And so, it’s something very exciting that I’m looking forward to. I’m excited that my family could actually celebrate with me and see how much this poured into my education, and how much it’s worth it, and how it has an outcome which is really great. And I’m just excited to be able to celebrate with my family.

Host: That’s huge, I want to bring in Skye Schultz, who’s a graduating senior. I know Skye, you had a drive-thru high school graduation back in 2020, which I know some schools were able to pull off. You guys have been through a lot, this high school Class of 2020, college Class of 2024. Can you describe that journey a little as you get set to walk across the stage at University of St. Thomas?

Schultz: It’s definitely been an interesting one, from that drive-thru graduation you mentioned, and going to school with people since kindergarten for a good 12 years. And then, it was the last time I ever saw any of them and didn’t really know that, which is, I think, the thing I’m looking forward to most about the in-person graduation. It’s that chance to get closure and say goodbye to a lot of my classmates who maybe aren’t my best friend, but still meant something to me.