Schoenecker Center exterior.

In the News: St. Thomas Opens New Facility for Engineering, Science and the Arts

Don Weinkauf, dean of the School of Engineering, and Bill Tolman, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of St. Thomas, recently spoke with Twin Cities Business about the all-new Schoenecker Center, which is set to open for classes on Feb. 5.

From the story:

The new center is unique because it offers labs for traditional scientific disciplines like chemistry alongside space for the creative and performance arts. The Schoenecker also includes a performance hall that can be reconfigured into a presentation room for lectures, robotics presentations, and more.

“The essence of engineering is creativity and design, maybe even more than the mathematics and the technology,” said Don Weinkauf, dean of St. Thomas' School of Engineering, in an interview with TCB.

Schoenecker Center staircase.

William Tolman, dean of St. Thomas’s College of Arts and Sciences, said the new building is “quite unique.”

“We have other science building that have a mixture of science departments, and we have various other buildings that are just humanities,” he said. “This is the first building of its kind where you have this mix of these disciplines all together in a purposeful way to engage students in interdisciplinary learning.”

Tolman noted that there will also be space for the school’s emerging media department, which includes journalism, digital media arts, and strategic communications programs.


We are looking forward to the opening of the John P. Monahan art exhibit inside the all-new Schoenecker Center. The feature piece – a Portal Icosahedron by world-renowned sculptor, Anthony James – is an incredible addition to our newest building. #artinstallation #artexhibiton #fineartist #sculpture

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