Teresa Stanton Collett at inauguration.

In the News: Teresa Collett on the Leaked Supreme Court Opinion

Law professor Teresa Collett commented for Catholic News Agency on the flaws in the legal reasoning that has sustained Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

From the Article: Collett was the lead counsel for an amicus brief of 240 women scholars and professionals and pro-life feminist organizations. In contrast to backers of legal abortion who claim current pro-abortion rights precedent is necessary for women’s progress, this brief argues that the precedent disadvantages women.

“Of course, it is our clients’ position that there is no reliance that you can consistently show,” she explained. “Abortion, as the court recognized in the Casey opinion, is a response to an unplanned pregnancy. And therefore it is a prospective act, that evidences virtually no reliance.”

Collett told CNA that both the brief she co-authored and opposing briefs are cited in Alito’s draft “to establish that we simply do not know if such reliance occurred.”