In the News: ThreeSixty Journalism Camps Shine Light on Diversity, Narratives

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ThreeSixty Journalism at the University of St. Thomas has been hosting media camps for students to prepare them for careers in journalism. In ThreeSixty’s mission to bring more representation and range of narratives, the makeup of the program's students has changed, with more people of color joining.

From the article: For program graduate Samantha HoàngLong, being surrounded by so many kids of color was uplifting. “It was like the first space to be a space that young with a class full of people who are also young journalists of color,” she said. “I feel really lucky that I was in a class full of diversity at that young age.”

Isaac Santino-Garcia wants to attend St. Thomas, where ThreeSixty offers a four-year scholarship. “I like learning new things, and journalism gives me a good life experience that you may not learn other places,” Santino-Garcia said. “It just fascinates me because I can go out and tell other people’s stories that may not have been told.”