Tom Berg

In the News: Tom Berg on Polarization and Religious Liberty

Tom Berg, professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law, recently contributed an article to Christianity Today on the topic of religious liberty as an answer to the polarization that pushes people further apart.

From the story:

Americans support religious liberty – in general. But they are deeply polarized about how far the natural and constitutional right of individuals to respond to their conceptions of the divine should extend. And unfortunately, Americans tend to be reluctant to extend religious liberty broadly to views they find unsympathetic.

I think that’s sad. Religious liberty is for everyone and should be cherished by all. It’s also ironic, as I argue in my new book, Religious Liberty in a Polarized Age, because historically, the central social purpose of religious liberty was to reduce the fear and anger people feel when they’re threatened with penalties for living according to their religious commitments.