Ella Boerger playing hockey.
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In the News: Tommie Student-Athlete Ella Boerger on Supporting Women’s Professional Hockey

Ella Boerger, University of St. Thomas student and member of the women’s hockey team, recently submitted an op-ed to the Star Tribune on the importance of supporting women’s professional hockey in Minnesota.

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From the article:

In order to pass the sport to the next generation, I invite parents to take their son or daughter to a game and share the sport of women’s hockey. I encourage sponsors to support the PWHL, and all of us to continue to go to the games or watch online. By supporting the league, you will create opportunities for so many more female hockey players from across Minnesota and the country. As hockey players we would like to not have to decide on a different profession because we can’t make enough money playing the sport we love. I dream of a day when female athletes don’t have to decide on the future of their sports career because of the size of their paycheck.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to grow up in Minnesota and play at the University of St. Thomas. I am proud to live in the state of hockey, where there are so many future stars at the high school and college level. The game keeps getting better as girls are becoming more advanced in stickhandling and skating. I see it firsthand at the college level and in the next generation in high school.