Curricular Practical Training Changes for International Students

Effective this fall, international students will now be able to work full time during the academic year on Curricular Practical Training (CPT) provided that they maintain a full course load, stay in good academic standing, make normal academic progress, and the academic department approves. International Student Services is no longer limiting this to 20 hours per week during the school year; international students can now work 40 hours per week provided the above is true.

One of the following situations must hold true for an international student to pursue CPT while a student at UST.

  • The work must be part of an internship or practicum (whether or not for credit) that is required of all students in a course of study. The duration of CPT can be as long as required by the internship; furthermore, the "academic year of full-time enrollment" requirement can be waived if a graduate program requires all students to participate in an internship before the academic year is met (example: MS Accounting).
  • A work experience is required by a particular course in which a student is enrolled, such as an internship, practicum or directed study.
  • The work must be directly related to a specific course that the student is currently registered in.

Forms and more information are available on the CPT website. Questions can be directed to Lori Friedman, (651) 962-6650, director of International Student Services.