T’s Restaurant Presents International Week, April 16-20

T’s Restaurant will feature the following international dishes during the week of April 16-20. All items will be available at The Action Station, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.:

  • Monday: “Greece” – gyros in a pita served with chips, $5.75
  • Tuesday: “Saudi Arabia” – kabsa with grilled pita chips, $5
  • Wednesday: “Mexico” – enchiladas (beef or cheese) served with Mexican rice and pinto beans, $5.25
  • Thursday: “China” – Chinese buffet with sweet-and-sour chicken, fried rice, white rice, egg rolls, cream cheese wontons and veggie stir fry, $6.25
  • Friday: “France” – Chicken divan crepes or caramel apple crepes, $3.75