IRT announces summer computer rollout

IRT announces summer computer rollout

From Information Resources and Technologies

Each summer, IRT swaps out approximately one-third of all the computers at UST as part of the staggered three-year lease cycle. This year, IRT technicians will install nearly 1,100 new desktop computers and monitors, 150 laptops, and 54 central server systems on the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Owatonna campuses over the next three months.

"Considering the number of pieces that we deal with on any given summer," said Jess Walczak, Client Services CORE team member, "the lease and rollout process is a very efficient way of ensuring that the 'state of the shelf' of our campus computing environment is never more than three years old."

As in previous years, letters were e-mailed as early as last November to UST employees assigned computing assets scheduled for replacement, with follow-up messages sent in March. The letters contained specifics about what assets will be replaced, hardware and software information, and where questions and concerns can be addressed. A final e-mail will be sent the week before the rollout team is scheduled to hit specific work areas.

During the replacement process, IRT will back up the entire contents of hard drives on all outgoing faculty and staff computers directly onto the hard drive of the new system. This process minimizes the chance of missing data after the replacement is complete, while also helping ensure continued access to end users' personal files such as working documents, music and pictures. In most cases, specialty software will be installed on the incoming systems prior to being rolled out to the end user.

"The entire process takes about 25 to 45 minutes per computer," said David Maurer, Client Services Rapid Response Team member. "So, it may be a good idea to grab a cup of coffee or take a short break when you see the rollout team heading your way."

New Dell PC and Macintosh desktop and laptop systems all contain duo core processors, and increased memory and hard drive space, as well as updated operating systems and the latest Microsoft Office applications suite. 

View a complete list of this year's hardware and software changes for PC and Mac systems on IRT's Help and Support Web page.

Questions? Contact the IRT Tech Desk, (651) 962-6230.